Quantum Computing
Revista Telos, April 2022

Cover, inner cover and set of article illustrations on Quantum Computing. A technology that is set to transform our society but its capabilities are still misunderstood and mythologized.

Qunatum Computing: Myths and Realities
Quantum computing is a technology that is set to transform our society. However, its true capabilities are often misunderstood and mythologized. Explaining the potential applications of quantum computers helps to dispel doubts and banish false expectations.
Quantum Computing Applications
Quantum computing is generating more and more interest and business. Its applications are found in a large number of industries and sectors that are committed to innovation, creating quality global technological solutions. A very attractive present and future.
The Quantum Strategy
There are already companies that have a strategy for quantum technologies. And not only that, but they are also implementing it. Why do we need to define a business strategy for quantum technologies? How can we formulate a business strategy so that uncertainty is not a burden but an advantage?
Plank, Quanta and Telecomunication Networks
Regardless of how quantum technologies are finally integrated into telecommunication networks, it is necessary to undertake a transformation process in the networks to make this application possible. Softwarization is key in this path
Quantum computing is in almost every media today. Everyone is talking about what a qubit is and why we are working on this revolution. What are its implications? Why are major countries and companies investing huge amounts of money in making this technology a reality? What problems will it solve? And, above all, what new problems will it create?