Information is in war
Telos (Fundación Telefónica), April 2020

A place at war is never sustainable. Nowadays information fights daily battles against the imposition of ideologies and visions other than past and present reality that seek to condition and determine our future decisions.

New proposals to the consumer
Telos (Fundación Telefónica), September 2020

After months of health and economic crisis, the consumer asks new questions about his relationship with fashion. And this industry, like most of the productive sectors, tries to renew the proposals to consumers, to emerge stronger from the crisis and win back customers.

Talk in the same networks to lower polarization
Telos (Fundación Telefónica), December 2020

Faced with the global need to establish new social contracts caused by protests that became almost perfect taking advantage of the new environment of networks and mobiles, an unprecedented space for listening and argumentation is opened for governments to manage the resolution of the conflict.