Barcelona x Tu. Tu x Barcelona
Barcelona City Council, Generalitat de Catalunya and Turisme de Barcelona

The street campaign “Barcelona x you. Tu x Barcelona ” was launched in June 2021 to encourage Barcelonans to recover the city center after a particularly difficult year due to COVID-19 pandemic.


This campaign seeked to reactivate the city center, its shops and restaurants. A tribute to the life of Barcelona, its citizens and visitors. An interactive campaign with illustrations spread throughout the city center.


Through illustrations, messages, the latest augmented reality technology, and a ginkana-style game with which citizens interacted with the illustrations on the streets of the center, the campaign appealed for a return to the city center and enjoy it.



Advertising Agency: Vertically

Animations, 3D and Video: Abble Digital

Augmented Reality Instagram Filters: Espazaysantacruz


The campaign had a big presence thanks to the billboards in different formats setted in the city center: two large canvases covering the facades of buildings, up to 3 meters high turrets and posters for the shops and establishments.

DAQ created four different visuals, the main campaign illustration and three specific: Hotels & accommodation, Restaurants & gastronomy and Shopping & Commercial sector.


Every illustration allowed you to live an augmented reality experience through an Instagram filter. The initiative proposed to play and have fun with the illustrations and QR codes they contained.


Depending on the camera that you used on your mobile device, the selfie or the frontal, the citizen enjoyed a different augmented experience that could be shared on Instagram.

Hotels & accommodation
Restaurants & gastronomy
Shopping & commercial sector

The initiative was boosted with an important media campaign, especially on social media. Based on the illustrations of the campaign, several animations were created to be published on facebook and instagram, as well as in other formats.

The actions on social media were complemented with audiovisual content. Barcelona and its most emblematic places were the scene of different video clips to promote the campaign.